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The Complete Business Course for Creative Entrepreneurs & Professionals from 'Ask Harriette'
Make Your Business Debut
Are You Ready To Make Your Business Debut in 2016? 
Perfect for entrepreneurial novices and experienced practitioners alike.
Course begins Monday 1st August 2016

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Ask Harriette - Make Your Business Debut Course
What's Included
  • Nine modules delivered over 9 weeks via video and audio in your own online portal
  • 24/7 support & converstaion with Harriette & other members through private FB group
  • Weekly group coaching calls with Harriette & other course members
  • Modules include everything from the concept to full creation & completion of your business
  • Cheat sheets & templates available to download
  • Workbooks to accompany the videos & audios, plus optional homework assignments
  • Access to Harriette's expansive network and contacts
  • Step by step guides & copies of Harriette's go-to systems and tools
  • And So Much More...
Ask Harriette - The artists entrepreneur!
Module Breakdown
Module 1

Finding & Establishing Your Purpose

  • What do you want and why
  • Analysing your strengths & weaknesses
  • Finding your divine purpose
  • Making a change in your world
  • Connecting the correct mindset
Module 2

Defining & Refining Your Product or Service

  • What are you offering?
  • Finding your audience
  • Defining your USP's
  • Establishing the competition
  • Setting a price point
Module 3

Carving Out A Niche For The Perfect Customer

  • Pulling together your purpose & product
  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Playing on your strengths
  • Expanding your offerings
  • Refining your identity
Module 4

Building Your Brand & Getting Noticed

  • Getting creative with your product
  • Inserting personality
  • Understanding your market
  • Establishing congruency across different mediums
  • Sorting your 'elevator pitch'
Module 5

Refining Your Market Presence

  • Online marketing including Facebook adverts
  • Building a functional website
  • Leveraging social media
  • Blending a mix of paid & organic reach
  • Offline marketing tools that still work
Module 6

Implementing Systems For An Easy Life

  • Getting you automated
  • Sales systems
  • Funnels & marketing hacks
  • Accounting & bookkeeping made ridiculously easy
  • Social media without the eye strain
Module 7

Creating A Growth Strategy That Works

  • Your forever green list
  • Joint Venture Partners
  • Delegating & Building a team
  • Learning to leverage time instead of trading time for money
  • Step by step growth stratgies
Module 8

Deciding On An Exit Plan & The Long Term Goal

  • Plan for a permanent retirement (if that's what you want)
  • What happens beyond financial freedom
  • Securing a balanced life NOW
  • Reaffirming your mindset
  • Dreaming bigger still
Module 9

The Universal Laws of Business

  • My personal holy grail
  • So secret I won't even give you a hint here
  • You'll be amongst the first in the world to hear these words leave my lips
  • Rules I've established over 10 years, to which I credit 100% of my success and will never EVER break!
Video #2
A Sneak Peak
XX /XX / 2016
Video #3
Money Mindset
XX /XX / 2016
Is This Course For You?
  • If you're ready to make some big changes in your life
  • You've got the entrepreneurial itch & want someone to show you how to make it happen
  • You're prepared to make the effort and get stuck in
  • You work in the 'creative industries' - musician, dancer, artist, novelist, coach, speaker, writer, teacher, painter etc
  • You're ready to open your mind and try something new
  • Business is great but you know it could be EVEN BETTER!
  • If you're perfectly happy with your financial situation right now
  • You don't want to make any changes to your life or business
  • You're the type to give up easily
  • You play the blame game instead of taking responsibility for your situation
  • You always sign up for courses but never see them through to completion
  • You're not sure the entrepreneurial life is for you
Why Ask Harriette? Why This Course?

I've got ten years experience in business in the creative industries. I started out as a vocal coach in a performing arts school... it was my first and last job. The entrepreneurial itch saw me set up my first business at the tender of age of 19. 

Almost ten years later (giving away my age), I run a globally successful music agency, a nationally recognised music school, an artist development company, a record label & artist management facility, a dance studios and a business mentoring branch... all from a huge four-storey studio and office block in central London (don't worry you won't need the office block, I personally prefer the laptop lifestyle anyway). 

Harriette x

I've also had one failed business so I know a lot about what works, and more importantly what doesn't, so I can save you the time, effort and frustration making the same mistakes I did. Plus over the ten years I've developed my own systems, go-to templates and 'laws' which I will share with you to give you a head start.  

I don't want this to be just another course you take in a bid to get your profile or your business off the ground. Actually, I want this to be the LAST course you take, because this is the one that will work. Just promise me you'll inhale all the content like it's oxygen you need to survive on, bug the life out of me to get the answers to your questions, and when you're grinning from ear to ear with success and living the life of your dreams, don't forget to stay in touch!

Testimonials from happy creatives!

My name is Claudia Massera and I am the founder of Bellydance Body Mind.  I approached Harriette a while ago because I loved the way she was running her own business and the heart and passion she put behind it so I wondered if she could help me improve the image of my own business. Not only did she help me with my web design but one thing I loved about her is her unique & wonderful way of combining her creative talent with her incredibly sharp business mind.

I have never seen anything like it before and on top of that she has that stylish woman touch that makes everything simply fabulous!

I found the experience of working with Harriette totally inspiring!

I would recommend Harriette to anyone.

Claudia Massera - Bellydance Body Mind

When I moved to London 4 years ago, I had the feeling that things work differently here, having a beautiful voice and a talent is not enough, no one is going to knock to your door if you don't know how to enlighten yourself.

I was looking for a mentor who could help me to find my strength points and work on my career developing my confidence and self esteem and, here we are, I found Miss Harriette Hale, gorgeous woman, brilliant singer and musician, a sparkling brain with an innate sense for business! Her energy, creativity, will power, really inspired me to push myself over my edges and to challenge my career with new goals! Harriette helped me a lot with my priority list, she built my website and she is always there for me, every time I need a suggestion or I have a new idea to develop, she is there, ready to help, as she really has a genuine interest to empower people and to create a better world!

Marta Capponi - Vocalist & Performer

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Course Value

15 Hours Teaching Time Worth £1500

Additional 2 hour weekly coaching calls worth £1800

Total VALUE £3300

'Money-can't-buy' extras including:
Access to Harriette 24/7 through private FB group
Lifetime access to all the material
10 years worth of experience and know-how
Downloadable cheat sheets, templates & case studies
Free workbook to guide you through the course
Free daily inspiration e-book to keep you motivated
And much much more!
Payable in 3 monthly instalments of £199 each
Or save £100 if you pay in one lump sum
Too good to be true?
I know I'm giving it away
But I want to see you succeed :)
Harriette x
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